We are committed to building Stardust League as the go-to anime PVP title of the decade!
Nothing is more frustrating in PVP fights when your opponent glitches their way out of your attack. To target this issue, we utilise a form of client-server prediction, known colloquially as rollback netcode. This allows for smooth, low latency interactions in fast paced matches.
We firmly believe that what separates esports from simple PVP play is the level of complexity and variation to combat. Utilising physics inspired concepts, we have designed character movesets to be uniquely multifunctional and interactive.
Every player has their own unique playstyle and preferences. We aim to bring out the best traits in every player, particularly through a class based system when it comes to skills. Whether you are a firepower enthusiast or an agility fanatic, we make sure to keep each class balanced with finely tuned strengths and weaknesses.
Curated environments to facilitate fast paced PVP action
Lyra Floating Platform
Scattered across the Lyra archipelago are these tiny floating arenas. They are often used for training some of the nation's best Knights and Valkyries. These platforms are most suitable for fast paced 1v1 duels. Their circular architecture forces the fight towards the arena center, while forcefield colliders prevent fighters from falling off the arena.
Gates of Lyra
The front gates of Lyra City stand proudly through history as a testament of strength. All who enter have to prove their worth in a duel against the city guards in this arena. Surrounded by a vast sky lake, this arena is extremely suitable for ranged combat as well as fighters who possess high mobility. 2v2 tag team duels are also popular here.
Lyra Military Camp
The birthplace of the Knights of Lyra. This is also where military exercises are held involving the soldiers of Lyra. Perfect for large scale simulation battles, with high walls and a circular arena, as well as holding areas on two sides for opposing parties.
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