Explore the new worlds
Lyra is anaggressive single state military super-nation bent on conquering the other planets and
nations in Laniekia galaxy.The capitalis the Grand Marble City of Lyra,located on the planet Lyra V.
Lyra has advanced military forces,powered by a mega private corporation located in ShinKai city,called.
ArcTec acorporation that produces cutting edge military technology.The planet is powered by 4 stars
in the space of Lyra providing a source of elemental powers that aids the city and the military..
Explore the new worlds
The dwarf planet of Drasil is a neighbour of Lyra.The people of Drasil rely on the World Tree to
provide elemental energy and protection.The World Tree towers over the Kingdom of Drasil,
and plays a role in converting light energy from the stars of Lyra into usable energy for the kingdom.
The citizens of Drasil were all born without affinity for any of the elements in the Laniakea galaxy. However,
with the help of the World Tree, they can power up their tools or bodies with electrostatic energy.